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Christine Hubbard


About "YOU"

Are you feeling challenged by one or more of the following?

BIG Change in YOUR Life? ...

Relationship / Job / Career / Money / Health / Loss

Are YOU Experiencing? ...

Feelings of Unworthiness / Confusion / Loss of Life Purpose / Lack of Spiritual Direction / Higher highs & Lower lows


How I Can Help YOU...

  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Guided Meditation
  • Grounding Tools
  • Running Earth and Cosmic Energy
  • Illumitography: Getting to the Heart-of-the-Matter with a Spiritual Reading from Your Photograph
  • Oracle and Tarot Card Reading
  • Akashic Record Reading
  • Rose Reading
  • YOUR Next Steps


  • Discover How to Manifest the Life YOU Desire
  • Engage Universal Law to Connect With YOUR True Authentic Self
  • Learn to Live YOUR Life in Love, Trust and Compassion
  • Give YOURSELF the Opportunity to Choose the Life YOU Deserve 

Create YOUR Own Unique Life in a Practical Way by Integrating YOUR Spirituality Into YOUR Human Heart

About us

Reverend Christine

My desire and purpose is to assist YOU in manifesting YOUR Heart's Desire in Love and Light. I am a Spiritual Counselor and Transformation Coach. I am also the originator of "Illumitography," a combination of my greatest passions: Spiritual insights and Photography. I am committed to collaborating with YOU in expressing YOUR highest and best self.

Isabella "Houdini" Rosalini

My friends just call me "Izzy."

Vintage Lightworkers


To heal and transform myself, to help heal and transform the lives of others, and to SHINE our collective light to help heal the planet.

All images are original photographs by Christine;

All Photos Are Under Copyright Protection

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Vintage Lightworkers

5808 S Rapp St, Suite 275, Littleton, Colorado 80120, United States

(720) 933-7113


Thursday (In Office) 9:00am - 1:00 pm

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