About Christine


I am the originator of Illumitography.

I have had a lifelong love and fascination with photography, and discovered that I naturally have been reading people‘s faces for years.  I then decided to incorporate and meld my gifts together. Thus, we have illumination through the medium of photography.  And that is how Illumitography was born! 

What I Have To Offer

My readings are rather unique in that I take an on-the-spot photo of you - giving you a reading from the pictire for a very present-time portrayal of your current situation. I then use Tarot  and Oracle cards to enhance  your reading and give you guidance from your teachers, angels and guides and help facilitate your next steps on your journey. 

Upward and Onward!!!

Sometimes we can’t  see the forest for the trees.  Let’s work together to help you rise  above it all with amusement and confidence. I am here to assist you in finding the best course of action for you  with the challenges you are now facing.  Always moving forward!